Jesus Creed

Our God is an Olam (eternal, forever, out of time drawing us into his life kind of) God. Therefore, any word that is uttered from the Olam God becomes an Olam word. Let us say it turns word into Word, it turns utterance into Word.
“Your Word stands firm in heaven” (119:89b) and “They stand this day to [carry out] Your rulings, for all are Your servants” (119:91).
This really is an amazing claim on the part of the psalmist: everything that stands and falls in this world, everything, comes forth from God and is designed to go back to God.
The divine utterance becomes living reality and is designed to echo back to its Maker. That divine utterance, that word become Word (divine utterance), is set firm in the very presence of God and grounds the living truthfulness of God’s word.
To return to an older them in this series: God’s Word is communication from God, who is Person, to God’s created world and to God’s created persons. It is the relational utterly reality that connects God to us. It gives you and me the grounded relational utterly reality to related back to God. Blows the mind.

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