Jesus Creed

I’ve come to the conclusion that I come to Mexico for all the wrong reasons but the rest of my family comes for all the right reasons. Here’s what I mean:
First, I do everything I can get to avoid the sun. I like the warmth but want no part of the direct sun. Second, I have no desire to be sunburned, though I get one every time we get down here. Third, in our six years of coming here, I have been in the ocean a grand total of once.


But, everyone else…
Gets in the ocean every day several times. They have developed a game of waves. They label the waves either “boppers” or “divers.” They ride the boppers out; the divers they attack by diving into the lower parts. They love it; I love watching them. They also get a kick out of watching first-timers get bowled over by the waves.
The kids — and Laura and Mark, Lukas and Annika, our our niece Kari are here — spend some time each day just absorbing sunshine. Luke and Kari get tanned up in one day; the rest burn easier.
So, what do I do? Kris and I walk the beach three times per day — a total of about two hours. We lather up and then head out. And we both read all day long. I get up about 5:30am, head to the beach, reserve some seats, say my prayers, and read until Kris comes down for breakfast. Then the day begins — a day of reading. I love it.


Love that warm air. We look forward to this winter break from Chicago’s cold.

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