Jesus Creed

When a student of mine sends me a book he (or she) has written, it’s a glory day … and it’s even more glorious when the book is called Glory Days. IVP England has published this, and I hope his book finds its way to a publisher here.
Accessible prose; clever prose; solid illustrations; clear teaching. Good quotations. Solid connections to contemporary life.
How many “theories” of the Christian life that we hear about include — up front and center — the variety of vocational callings we find ourselves in? How many tend toward the “professional” or the “monastic”?
Most importantly, Julian’s new study may be the only book I’ve read on the Christian life from an evangelical that emphasizes our work and vocation as central to what life is all about. Julian, who was a student of mine at TEDS where he and his wife (Debbie) and their young son, Robin, kindly hosted our weekly small group session — well, Julian’s book focuses on the Human Cultural Project (from creation narrative) and the Great Commandment and Commission and weaves those through the whole.
Julian is senior pastor at Eden Baptist in Cambridge, England.

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