Jesus Creed

“Those who fear You will see me and rejoice” (Ps. 119:74) and “May those who fear You… turn again to me” (119:79). Friendship of the “fearful”, friendship of those who fear God.
Those who genuinely fear God — who know God, who love God, and who stand in awe of the majesty of God — look with sympathetic and fellowshipping interest on anyone who knows God, who loves God, and who stands in awe of God.
We might say that we meet with one another to share in our joint fear of God.
Unfortunately, this word “fear” (Hebrew yare) can connote cringing fear — the way a small animal might be terrified by a cruel human or a more mighty beast — but the word intends to connote not a cringing fear but a delightful fear — the kind of fear one feels before the kind of God who is overwhelmingly majestic and simultaneously gracious and kind and compassionate and who has established us to love him and to love others.

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