Jesus Creed

Tony Swift’s reflection (straight from the heart) about leadership.
New blog: John LaGrou at Microclesia.
I’m trying to catch up to the MP3 world, and I’m not doing well. Some of you are. If you’ve got this stuff figured out, here are two lectures/sessions of mine about Mary recently aired at Reclaiming the Mind. Session 1, Session 2.
Post of the Week: I absolutely have to link to Dan Kimball‘s humble, clear, fair, and Christian response to unfair criticisms of the emerging movement. Dan, we love you, bless you and desire to emulate your response.
Random link: Now that Po Biddy Crossroad has been eliminated from Georgia maps, it is time for Wendell Berry to stand up and speak for rural erasures.
Bob Robinson, one of my favorite bloggers, not only has learned to post YouTube stuff, but he also has a handle on prog-rock. What?
Molly’s posted some thoughts on eternal subordination of the Son and women.
1. An Episcopal split?
2. To video or to read-eo?
3. Women at war after their duty is done. Post traumatic; a serious, serious issue.
4. Jim Martin on children’s behavior(al issues).
5. Erika Haub Carney‘s personal “whitewashed” — some nice turns of phrase and openings of a few windows into an honest soul.
6. The tough side of Advent candles — take a look at John and see what he’s pointing to.
7. Hamo has a good 3-pt series on missional work in suburbia. Here’s the link to the 3d one.
8. Tony Stiff’s excellent bibliography on emerging.
9. Julie Clawson’s Advent meditation — good read.
10. Merry Christmas at Woodstock (Steve McCoy).
11. Inspite of being politically incorrect, there’s some good advice here. Does anyone read Dr. Spock anymore?
P.S. If you haven’t had enough links, go to Mark Traphagen’s site.
Either God is behind the Bears or we are being treated to a serious tragedy.
Florida, Schmlorida … I’d still rather see Michigan play OSU.
Some dipstick commentator, a decade ago or so, thought he would impress his audience and unfortunately chose to use the word “athleticism,” and now we are stuck with an ugly, meaningless, overused word. The word, dear commentator, is “ability.” Perhaps “athleticity” or “athleticness,” but please no more “athleticism.” Why invent words when we’ve got perfectly good ones. It reminds of the word “human wellness” for PE Depts. (There, a rant about a word. Excuse the labelling.)

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