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I’ve suddenly been found on the radar for writing blurbs for books. I have gone from total obscurity to occasional presence, and I think it is because of this blog — now considered by some to be “media.” My favorite request was this one:
I was asked to blurb Eugene Peterson’s 3d volume of his 4-volume Spiritual Theology (from Eerdmans). No kidding. Will it, I seriously asked myself, do him any good to have my name on the back? And, does he need anyone to blurb him? Well, I was tempted to say this: “Being asked to blurb this book is like an ordinary Catholic being asked to blurb the Catechism.” I didn’t think the publisher would take that kind of blurb seriously, so I sent something else in. (It’s a very good book. We’ll see if they use my blurb.)
Question: What is your favorite blurb of all time?
There are some good books coming out soon from Nick Perrin, (handsome) Ron Martoia, Tracy Balzer, and Dan Kimball (Dan, did you see that picture on this blog where I showed my seminary hairdo?). I’ll post about these books when they come out. Yes, I’ve chosen not to blurb some.
If you are thinking of sending me a ms to blurb, please don’t send it unannounced; please send it in paper (I don’t like reading books on my computer screen and I don’t want to ask the school to spend money for someone else’s mss); please give me a date when it is due.

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