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Psalm 119:44-48 is an interplay between “going public” about commitment to Torah and the joy that comes from that Torah. The going public can be found in vv. 44, 46, 48, and the joy in vv. 45 and 47. Today “going public”; tomorrow the “joy.”
I will always obey your Torah (44); I will speak of your “testimonies” and not be ashamed in the presence of kings (46); I reach out for your commandments (mitsvot).
Called into the presence of the powerful royals, the psalmist will not back down. “Always” (44) — because he loves the mitsvot — he is committed to God’s Torah.
His publicity is in terms of observance (44), speaking (46), and “reach out his hand” for the commandments. This last expression could refer to reaching out one’s hands into the air as a physical act of reaching out to God. Thus, in 63:5 it is the posture of invocation before God. Thus, the psalmist is public in observance, in communication, and in posture — he is devoted to God with his whole heart, soul, and strength.

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