Jesus Creed

If the posture of learning is to listen, the source of our learning, the source to whom we listen as we listen to the Bible being read, is God. There is a danger in some circles to equate Bible with God, and that leads (almost inevitably) to bibliolatry. Most, however, who equate God with Bible are simply using careless language. But it is worth our time once again to ponder this question and to see how Psalm 119:33-40 reveals what Bible is.
It is God speaking to us through and in and with Scripture.
Notice these words and ponder how Scripture is God speaking and teaching us in and through Scripture:
Teach me, LORD (Yahweh) — v. 33.
Give me… that I may keep your law — v. 34.
Direct me … in the path of your commandments — v. 35.
Turn … toward your statutes — v. 36.
Turn … preserve .. your word — v. 37.
Fulfill your promise so that you may be feared — v. 38
Take away … for your laws are good — v. 39.
How I long for your precepts — v. 40.
It’s all pretty simple: Scripture is God’s communication with God’s people, for God’s people, and designed so God’s people may glorify God in this world of ours.
If we listen aright, we hear God.

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