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What does it cost for books when you go to SBL? Here’s something to factor in:
Building shelf Filled
(If you click on the pictures, they expand to full size.)
I spent a few hours Wednesday, now that all my publication deadlines are met, catching up on finding space for books. I built two shelves. My recipe: 84 inches of 1×10 std pine for sideboards, with shelves made of thirty inches of 1×8 std pine (to save money). 11 inches apart. Two screws per side for each shelf, and bingo! a new shelf.
I learned to make bookshelves from Kris’ dad, Ron Norman. One of his hobbies was woodworking, and he made my first wooden bookshelves — and he made four big ones and I needed another and another and then yet another and then he said one day, “This is my last one. You get to make the rest.” So, I learned to make them myself and I’ve got that little job down to a science. I can’t make one without thinking of him walking up to my shelves, licking his finger, wiping it on the wood, and taking a big sniff of the smell of pine. I do it too.

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