Jesus Creed

Psalm 119:25-32, the “D” sentences of this Hebrew acrostic psalm, contains commitments. The psalmist announces to God in prayer the equivalent of our “I Have Decided.” Notice the following commitments:
v. 26: “I have declared my way.”
v. 30: “I have chosen the way of faithfulness.”
v. 30: “I have set your rules before me.”
v. 31: “I cling to your decrees…”
v. 32: “I eagerly pursure your commandments.”
The spirituality of Psalm 119 is a spirituality of commitment to the Word as a spirituality of commitment to the God who speaks to the psalmist in that Word.
The pain of the psalmist (v. 25) leads the psalmist to renew commitment to know God through the Word.

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