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Here is news that most don’t want to hear: a new archaeological dig might suggest that Norman Golb is right. In brief, Golb argued that the Dead Sea Scrolls were the deposit of a diverse library from Jerusalem, placed at Qumran by those in flight who wanted to preserve their treasures, rather than the excusive writings of the Essene sect.
Not only is Bob back blogging, but he’s fired up with a good post about the difference between pastoring parishioners and pastoring missionally.
Picture of the week: Any comment?
Some economist type explain this to me: 10.5 Billion?!
I suggest you keep your eyes on Marko’s site, as he is beginning a series about teenagers, and who knows more about them than Marko? (Other than my wife Kris.) This first one is very good.
1. Here is the best Democrat possibility for President in 2008. His name is Barack Obama. When he declares, I’ll make a prediction. (Denny Burk, you scared?)
2. My doctor explained to me years ago that decaffeinated coffee has all the cousins and relatives of caffeine, so this report doesn’t surprise me. But I have two questions: Why do all those folks in the New England like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee so much? And what is the unique taste in Dunkin Donuts coffee?
3. I’ve said for years that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is this: What’s good for you is good for the world (Republicans) and what’s good for the world is good enough for you (Democrats). Hard times for such slogans, but Bush will be stumping about his success at the economic level.
4. OK, Jim, but when is middle-age? 36, 45, 50? I liked this post — so true.
5. Congrats to Luke and Annika for running up at Niagara Falls the other day.
6. Controversy among the Southern Baptists about tongues; tightening the rope at Southwestern. I must admit that what comes to mind for me is that different groups struggle with issues on wildly different cycles. I thought this battle was fought in the hey-day of the charismatic movement. The question: Could Paul teach there? I think of Robt Frost: when I put up a wall, I’d like to know just who I’m walling out.
7. What do we look forward to the most? Barna report. Any comments?
8. Starting locally: nice thoughts from Jamie Arpin-Ricci.
9. Susan Arnold’s post on “scars that preach.” Ruminating and searching title.
10. Who are the Red-Letter Christians? Are they purple?, that’s what I want to know.
11. The Spock Church.
Here’s the question: What do you say when you encounter a sports celebrity? I saw Rex Grossman, the fast-rising Bears QB, last weekend at the airport and I was tempted to ask him this: “What was going on offensively against the Cardinals?” But I thought better and said, “Nice win, Rex.” He said, “Thanks.” Neither of us told the truth. I passed by him on the plane and he was playing golf on his Blackberry — or whatever.
Is the future of the Cubs the “gyroball”? Read Luke’s post on it.
It looks like I was wrong on the World Series. I thought the Cards were done-for and the Tigers on a roll.
Time of the year when I begin thinking about NCAA basketball. I love it.

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