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In Embracing Grace I suggested there are two ways to discuss “human nature,” or what makes us Eikons — by comparing us to other created things (like chimps) and by seeing how we are like God. Time magazine reports about the first.

This week I will be speaking to the pastoral staff at The Chapel in Cleveland, on Monday, where I will get to touch base with a former student, Jay Halley. On Saturday and Sunday Kris and I will be down in Irving, TX, where I’ll be doing an event at Irving Bible Church on both Embracing Grace (Saturday) and Jesus Creed (Sunday services — three of them!).
Home-schoolers: a new pool of potential students for college recruiters.
Limbo’s in Limbo.
Post of the week: thanks Kathy.
Devastating, disgusting story from Sanjay Gupta from Chad.
Our hearts go out to the Amish and their families, as well as the wife and children of the man. And we stand in awe of their forgiveness and sacrifice.
Alongside the tragedy, the news folks are speaking now about making our schools more secure — and I’ve even heard they are speaking of arming teachers. The solution the Amish would wish for our world is the banning of hand guns, and their peaceful, forgiving ways might be what Capitol Hill should observe for how to conduct ourselves in this good world of God’s.
Mark Roberts is now starting a good series on what is a local church. Promises to be a very good series. Hope you can keep your finger on it. Mark is one of the best bloggers around, and I don’t often link to him but I do keep my eye on him and hope you do too.
Welcome back TSK.
What’s war like? Read this new Time magazine article.
1. Br. Maynard is engaged in a conversation with Nathan about “authority.” Stuff to think about.
2. Wendell Berry would like this decision by some colleges.
3. Newest excuse for losing the golf ball. (I got the address, but don’t know how to make it work as a link:
4. From iPod to Zune — once again, imitating those great Apple products.
5. Peter Rollins is doing a series on God and apocalyptic. Stretches the mind, expands the heart.
6. IVCF has filed suit in Wisconsin. Worth knowing about. Any thoughts?
7. Thanks to Millennia Media: we’ll give the money to some students at NPU.
8. Trusting as grace (and mercy).
9. Don Johson’s posts about his daughter’s theory of a good sermon and his experience visiting jail — good ones. OK, Don, where do you fit in her taxonomy?
10. Nice to see Tony’s blog active again: some good interaction on the Desiring God conference comments.
11. Zany link of the week.
12. Growth at NPU.
Tell your kids to watch Tiger Woods, as I told mine to watch Michael Jordan. Once in a lifetime talents like Tiger … just take them in. 6 tourneys in a row.
I liked Dusty, but it didn’t work. Sure, the Cubs had their injuries, but the Cubs make too many mistakes running bases and throwing to the right bases. Give those kids — Murton and Theriot especially — a chance. They get it; they’ve got it; and they’ll make it happen here in Wrigleyville, home of the Cubs.
On the playoffs — here it comes. Inevitable. Bad weather. The baseball season should be 154 games and not 162 — one week earlier would make a huge difference in weather for the playoffs and World Series. Unless, of course, we could just make it that only southern teams got to play in the playoffs.

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