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Here is news that most don’t want to hear: a new archaeological dig might suggest that Norman Golb is right. In brief, Golb argued that the Dead Sea Scrolls were the deposit of a diverse library from Jerusalem, placed at […]

Friends, it is sometimes said, don’t talk to one another about politics. I beg to differ, but I add a requirement: friends can talk about politics if they behave themselves, talk to one another with civility, and carry on their […]

Myth #9 from Roger Olson’s Arminian Theology is appropriate for me today: I’m at Westminster Theological Seminary, one of America’s foremost bastions of reformed theology. The myth is this: that Arminians deny justification by faith alone through faith alone. At […]

Nearly 125 posts later we come to the end of this series on Romans and the commentary by NT Wright on Romans. I wasn’t sure how long it would take, nor did I really care. (Our next series will be […]

Added later: I’m at the Chestunut Hill Coffee Company outside Philadelphia; best Latte I’ve ever had in my life. As we age, so I’m told, we don’t need as much sleep — or, with a darker twist, as we age […]

Who are your favorite preachers? When I was in college, I loved to hear a Baptist preacher from Lansing, MI, named Howard Sugden. In seminary the red-letter days in chapel for me were when John Stott showed up at TEDS […]

In Romans 16:21-24, Paul trots out his companions who wish to offer their greetings to the Roman Christians.

From Linda: Bob’s bloodwork came back ok, but he now has a more serious problem now. Fri in the middle of the night (of course!) his BP surged very high…so high we were ready to go to the ER again […]

When it comes to being made in God’s “image,” what I call being an Eikon of God, Sarah Sumner’s Men and Women in the Church opens up 1 Corinthians 11:7 and dwells on Augustine’s interpretation, and suggests that Augustine’s theory […]

What, LeRon Shults asks, is “knowledge” like for God and for us — that is, after the turn to relationality? His answer is very important for each of us. What God knows cannot be reduced to cognition, or to knowledge […]