Jesus Creed

I had a great time with the leaders from The Chapel in Akron on Monday. Before I say anything else, I must admit that it was special for me to see one of my all-time favorite students at TEDS, Jay Halley, and later I got to see Annette, his wife, again — first time since graduation. (Of course, I say this about lots of students, but it shows how many gifted students we had there.)
They worked me out: from 9-noon, and then from 12:45 to after 3:30. I was getting brain-dead, but the questions and conversations were wonderfully stimulating. I did some Jesus Creed, some Praying with the Church, some Embracing Grace, some Real Mary, and some stuff on the emerging movement.
The Chapel has established itself as a leading evangelical church in Ohio, and after meeting with the leaders I can see why. I could go on… it was an honor to be with them.
On our way home I had a special experience. Jay took me to the spot at Kent State University where the students were killed in 1970. We found a brochure about it, and then I was able to trace the movements of the students and the National Guardsmen. A little hard to take in, but the school has done the memory of these students a service: a small tombstone in honor of the students, and then have outlined the location where each student was killed, and now there is a large memorial overlooking the massive Commons.
I remember the day this occurred. The picture of the young woman wondering why is etched in my memory. I stood where she knelt. Here is a pictorial through the events. Here’s another.

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