Jesus Creed

Our Bichon Frise, Webster, at fourteen years old has now discovered the wastebasket — but only when we are gone. It so happens that one of us, on occasion, leaves the kitchen wastebasket out and three times of late Webby has found it, tipped it over, and found the tastes positively delightful — even if it means having to toss a few things aside and around the kitchen to score the finest tastes at the bottom. A few days back he found what was left of some marinara souce (can you tell).
He never — and I mean never — explores the wastebasket when we are home. He goes for it when we are on our nightly walk.
Don’t know if your dogs (I assume cats have no such creativities) do this.
My favorite story like this was when our former dog, a Dachshund by the name of Sophie, found our deep dish pizza when we were out for a few hours. We got home to find four pieces of pizza gone. She didn’t look bloated but we simply accepted that she had eaten far too much but it had not killed her. Later that night when we went to bed we found the pizza: hidden under our pillows!
I recall Webster one time ate, like Forest, a whole box of chocolates — with no implications. When he was much younger he used to find food in Laura’s backpack — somehow he managed to unzip it. Can you top these canine pranks?

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