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Our conversation yesterday about vocation enlightened me and made me thankful for this blog. For me especially was the realization that I could insert into conversations with students the reality that many will change their minds over their lifetime about what one does. But someone wrote in and I’d like to hear your response to this one:

I am enjoying this post [yesterday’s] on your blog. You have some pretty great correspondents and a very diverse bunch. For me a slightly different question arose as I recalled my own agony after becoming a believer at age 39, i.e., whether I could/should continue in my profession as an attorney? It was a crisis for me for some time until Paul persuaded me to stay where the Lord found me unless he called me elsewhere. I was wandering if others have gone through such angst, not just out of college, but mid-career because of their conversion.

What about this question: Did becoming a follower of Jesus shift your vocational options? At one time I wanted to be a German teacher and a high school coach; but a conversion led me in an entirely different direction. How about you?

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