Jesus Creed

In Romans 12:9-13 Paul provides what NT Wright calls a “more general list of ways in which individual Christians and groups or churches are to behave” (711). He observes they are connected to building one another up.
I’m never impressed with ingenuity in trying to figure out logical connections in such lists; nor do suggestions of topical groupings compel agreement. Instead, at times Paul can just list things that are doggone good advice for how to live as Christians with one another so that they learn not to think too highly of themselves and so that the community of faith will live the way it should.
I like it that loving others is at the top — it fits with Jesus Creed but it also fits with Romans 13:8-10 — because it is the core moral imperative of the gospel. Wright, in fact, thinks the rest hangs from “Love — genuine!”

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