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How, Tom Wright asks, can Paul ask his readers to submit to the authorities if the authorities have now been defeated by Christ’s death and resurrection? A few points:

Bob Robinson is having surgery. Let’s pray for him and Linda and his children. May God’s healing grace rest on them.

In my two lectures (MP3) at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, I addressed the gospel and the church. But I must say this: GRTS, under the careful eyes of both President Doug Fagerstrom and Peter Osborn, know how to do things […]

One of the themes I will try to develop in this haphazard series on Women and ministry is that “minstry” can’t be limited to ordination and serving as a senior pastor in a local church. In fact, I want to […]

In our two-day introduction to Romans 13:1-7, we now turn to Wright’s taxonomy of how folks read this passage. The questions are easy, if doubly hard to answer: Which is your view? Why?

The answer, in general, is no. (I need to say that gently as I am in Grand Rapids today to give some lectures.) So argues Roger Olson is his brand-new must-read Arminian Theology. I’ll do a series on this book. […]

Social context shapes how we read the Bible, and the 16th chp in J. Holcomb’s Christian Theologies of Scripture is written by L.B. Baldwin and S.W. Murphy on how Scripture works in the African American tradition. I’ve posted on this […]

Wright’s introductory comments about Romans 13:1-7 are so suggestive, I want to take two days to ponder them. I begin today by quoting the passage and then offering an introductory point by Wright that I think we simply have to […]

Steve McCoy, in our family of bloggers, posts a picture of his mother who has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her and for Steve and all around them.

Lord, You have always given bread for the coming day; and though I am poor, today I believe.