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Overstatement of the week: here’s what somone said when the animal activists won out and now Chicago is banning foie gras: “Given animal rights activists’ success getting foie gras banned in Chicago, Didier Durand, the chef and owner of Cyrano’s, is confident they will take aim at other foods as well. “Pretty soon we’re going to be eating grass,” he said. What’s the difference? gras, grass.
New site from Keith Smith who ministers to the Fulani in Burkina Faso. Please ponder his site for awhile, especially things like this and this. Expect to be challenged by reading this page. Pray for Keith and the Fulani. I know that’s what happened to me.
I’ve not oogled about Jim in awhile, but this one was a good one: The Best is Yet to Come.
Lukas found our people: never knew I was a “MacNaughton.”
Speaking of family, our daughter and son-in-law, Mark and Laura Barringer, were in Denver last week serving at Willow Creek’s major Summit Conference.
I must admit that from a family of educators, this is good news.
One of the distinct advantages of being an educator, a professor, is being absent-minded. Which justified my missing a dental appointment Friday morning — and not a small one. I was scheduled to have my fake crown removed and the real one inserted. I promise it was not dread but absent-mindedness that caused the forgetfulness. I see dental appointments to be little more than what happens when we stop to fill up gas: an ordinary chore. I promised the kind office that I’d promise to try to remember to come in Monday!
I loved this sign from Br. Maynard’s blog; now just put those names in Italian and you’ll know why it is best to stay put in a foreign country.
1. New view: College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.
2. Bill, Linda Gates and AIDS prevention.
3. You fathers … tired of carrying diaper bags? Ever hear of the tactical daddy?
4. How Americans see themselves: Barna report.
5. Doggonit, Don Johnson!
6. Eloquent reflection by Mark Galli. Loved it.
7. There’s a moral here from Mark Roberts’ sabotaging his wife’s cell phone.
8. How dangerous is your job?
9. Thoughtful comment and dilemma for Jim Newberry.
10. Important reflections by Kerry Doyal about Katrina.

Roll the drums: my buddy, Kermit Zarley, who for years played on the PGA Tour and then on the Senior (Champions) Tour, has not played in about two years because of injuries. He’s from Seattle, and this weekend is teeing it up again in Seattle for a Champions Tour event. If you’re there, call him “Zarman.” That’ll get a smile out of him. Hey, I just saw his scores from Friday, and on Hole #1 the Zarman got an eagle 3 on a par 5. Cool.
Da Cubs, Da Game.
Lukas got his new assignment for next year’s scouting: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Eastern Canada (when the snow melts — sometime in June, I’d guess).
Billy Mulldowney Watch: Against Vancouver, Billy pitched 4 innings and gave up no runs and only 2 hits. 3 walks, 3 Ks. Lukas was Billy’s scout this year.

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