Jesus Creed

I begin this week with the need once again to pray for Bob Robinson and his heart. See his story here.
Two new blogs: Church and Postmodern Culture (Geoff Holsclaw) and MereMission by Todd Hiestand.
Zany post of the week goes to Marko.
See an almost tongue-in-cheek but way-too-insightful for that post by Trevin Wax about turning our resumes upside-down, kingdom style.
God’s holy water: what’s the source?
Interviewed by Stephen Harris.
1. Can you crack MS’s Vista?
2. Bob Robinson continues his posts on Greg Boyd’s new book on politics and the church. Few are as interested in this topic as much as Bob, and few have devoted so much of their study time to the salient literature on the topic.
3. Hamo wrote a good piece: there are no formulas for successful ministry.
4. Dan Kimball posts on “Jesus Camp”.

5. If you can help Jamie by telling your story, please do.
6. Lukas got tagged and made it humor.
7. Susan Arnold’s got a nice series on doubt.
8. I’m thinking Greg Boyd’s book might generate significant discussion, not unlike what is beginning at ThinkTank.
9. Mom’s dieting influences kids’ body image according to some.
Tiger Woods, having won 50 tournaments at the age of 30, is scary good, wicked good, and I can’t wait to see what he does at Medinah for the PGA next weekend.
Billy Mulldowney update: Billy came off the injured reserved list, and fired two innings:
Muldowney P 2.0 5 2 2 1 4 0 2.91
On Floyd Landis and his loss of the Tour de France championship; there is so much cynicism about professional athletes’ use of enhancers that he could be innocent and not find enough support to establish it.

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