Jesus Creed

You just have to be impressed by the number of times in Romans Paul pulls things together with this idea: therefore, “all” who believe (anyone/everyone) in the Messiah will be saved/justified. At times we emphasize the “saved/justified” part, but Wright is keen on emphasizing the “all” part as well.
Notice once again Romans 9:11-13:
No one who believes in the Messiah will be put to shame.
There is no distinction: Jews and Greeks. (All are sinners; Rom 3:23; no one is privileged, not even Jews.)
Same Lord.
Same Lord is generous to all who call on him.
Everyone who calls on the name … will be saved.
There you have it: the message of Romans at deep level is that the gospel is for all and everyone who believes in the Messiah will be saved.
The dynamic of his logic is the universalization of redemption from the covenant people of Israel/Judah to the covenant people of the Messiah.

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