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Sunday I spoke at NorthBridge Church. They asked me to initiate a new teaching series on the Apostle’s Guide to Missional Living as taken from 1 Peter. It’s a great church to attend, so I was really honored to be there.
NorthBridge impresses me for the way it serves in the community and how it serves one another. Everything is done professionally, but it springs from the commitment to serve. This new community of faith has grown remarkably over the last five years.
Gary Ricci guided us through the day, as Mark and Michelle Albrecht (teaching pastor) were on a much-needed holiday. Once again, the worship band was in unusual form: this time we were led by Nirup Alphonse, and I thought everything went splendidly well.
Here’s what I talked about:
When you can do nothing … (1 Pet 2:11-12): I focused on “strangers and exiles” as terms for the marginalized and powerless. And in that situation, the answer to the question “What do you do when you can do nothing about it?” was “Let your Life Speak.”
So that led me to develop three points from 1 Peter 1:13-25.
1. Find your bearings by focusing on the future (1:13).
2. Focus your efforts on holiness (1:14-21)
3. Fellowship with the Church (1:22-25).

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