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As I said last Thursday, Jarrett Stevens’ new book, The Deity Formerly Known as God, is a remake of J.B. Phillips’ famous Your God is Too Small. The book is definitely designed for the younger generation (than mine). The first half deconstructed bad views of God; this half constructs some biblical images for God. Here they are:
Here’s a way of discussing this: What are the most surprising images of God you find in the Bible?
Jarrett’s points are that God is like:
1. A Late-Night Neighbor who wants us to come to him in boldness. God is good.
2. Lord of the Boardroom: God is both just and generous; not just just; not just generous; but both, always, at the same time.
3. Green-thumbed Gardener: God cuts and prunes those who “stay” (abide).
4. Single-minded shepherd: God finds the lost.
5. Tired-eyed father: God is Abba, and we can hear God speak to us and we can speak back to God.
6. Equal Opportunity Employer: God does not pay us according to merit or according to what we have earned.
Overall review: I like this book, and lots of Bible study groups would find lots of good times thinking about bad and good views of God. Jarrett Stevens ministers to singles, and this book really speaks to that generation. I would love to see a 50/60-year old pastor also write an update on JB Phillips: how destructive views of God hurt people and how healthy views of God heal people.

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