Jesus Creed

Kris and I were surrounded by Cardinal fans, kept our hope up and, sure enough, the Cubs won it in the 10th when Phil Nevin knocked the ball to the wall and drove in Jacque Jones. Other than seeing the game from a Sky Box, the highlight of the game was Juan Pierre’s catch in the top of the 9th on a hard hit ball by Albert Pujols. (I could have said that the highlight was the dessert cart that showed up at our door in the 4th inning!) Here are two pictures:
The first one is with Jimmy “O,” Luke’s best friend from junior high years and now both work for the Cubs. Jimmy works at Wrigley and once played on some youth teams I got to coach. He’s 6-8 or so.
Jimmy O
Here are Kris and I at the game, still hoping the Cubs will come back.
Kris and I at Cub game
Overall, a great day and we’re thankful to Bill Roberts for inviting my parents and us.

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