Jesus Creed

A nice interview with Anne Lamott about prayer and faith. Part one, Part two.
And from someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum, here’s the interview on with Ann Coulter on her faith.
Peter Kreeft’s essay on perfect love casting out fear and “luv”. If you want to see his online writing, check this. (HT: Bill Smith)
Do you sense a need for a new start? Read this.
Happy places to live.
Cool site on “missional.”
Obituary of Leon Lamb Morris. (HT: Philip Johnson)
1. Mike Noakes is starting a series on homosexuality.
2. Wow, what a picture. Someone needs this on the cover of a book. (HT: Christian Aesthetic by Tommy Crawford) Check out his site; there are some great pics there.
3. Because it’s “salubrious up the wazoo.” Surfing’s benefits.
4. Rubber sidewalks.
5. Bob Robinson’s series on David Koyzis’ book about politics is now officially underway. Good discussion of liberalism.
6. Steve McCoy’s “most favorited” pictures. Check them out.
7. Is Nessie an Aussie?
8. Is the Apocalypse near? Check out the Radical Pastor.
9. In light of the series now we’re doing about Balmer’s book, see this review in First Things. (HT: Dave Collins)
10. Sports salaries. Whacko stuff.
11. In light of the series we’re now doing on Spencer Burke’s book, see this review.
12. Don Johnson, at Jibstay, has a nice honest reflection on distractions.
I’ve invented a new saying of Jesus for the Cubs: “He who is not against us is actually against us.” Folks, it’s sad — this Cubs season. Prior’s a wuss, Wood is probably done for, and now our young hopeful, Sean Marshall, is on the DL. Maddux is a senior citizen, and then there’s Zambrano: one of the best in the NL. If we can win 1 out of four we are beating the odds. And “He who is for us now seems to be against us.” Now we’ve given up Scott Williamson for two Low-A pitchers. What’s that about? Williamson, if he heals, is a winner; for two Low-A pitchers? I’m thinking about watching the White Sox one of these days. At least Ozzie makes it interesting.
Rich Hill, whom the Cubs brought up for Thursday’s start against the Cards, was a roommate of my son’s down in Daytona. We met him at Luke’s wedding. If the Cubs will stick with him and let him learn, he’ll win lots of games for the Cubs.
I’m hopeful Michelle Wie can win that Evian Masters tournament in France. As I’ve said before, since Tour de France has no ball involved, it doesn’t count as a sport — so nothing to worry about with the winner.
Now that football players have reported to training camp, we Chicagoans (who don’t cheer for the Sox) have something hopeful to talk about.

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