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Post of the week: Dan Kimball’s piece on the value of Gandalfs (the wisdom of the older generation) is worth printing out and pinning to the wall near your desk.
I gave Dan Kimball top billing, but I suspect this dance video might be at the top of Dan’s list. Hilarious.
Jim Martin’s piece on “some weeks are just tough.”
Bob Robinson’s nice interaction with an atheist.
Major new blog site: Andrew Jackson has fired up Andrew is a serious blogger, a fair-minded thinker, and will do his best to make sure the site represents both Red and Blue in the cultural and political debates of our day. I’ll be posting a response to Randy Balmer’s new book, Thy Kingdom Come, soon.
1. Marko’s post comparing tactics in 1930s Germany and the religious right.
2. A rare, and a little bit tongue-in-cheek, rant by TSK about Calvary Chapel, Inc.
3. A critique of the emerging movement by David Kowalski at Apologetics Index.
4. Dan Horwedel lobs a little bomb on why he’s no longer emerging. Points worth pondering. (HT: Br. Maynard)
5. John Frye’s insightful, but maybe unheeded, warning about theological police. A good read (and check out the photo of his granddaughter; John must be older than us!).
6. Brad’s got a good review of Pete Rollins’ new book, How (Not) to Speak of God.
7. What about you? Do you think “suck” and “retard” should be used in sermons? Check out Karen’s response. And read the next day’s post, too, about Bush’s language.
8. One my students, Ms. Amanda Munroe, is in Niger Africa this summer. Here are some reflections and pictures.
9. Brad Bergfalk reflects on local church responses to youth who have been to summer events and get all fired up.
10. And I have a handsome son and a pretty daughter-in-law.
House tip: Brad Boydston on mowing the grass. Don’t know how far I walk; I have a mulcher; but I lower the blade in the heat of summer so I don’t have to mow it so often.
Who says golf is the same everywhere in the world? Not so. The British Open (called “The Open” by those in the know) shows what golf is like when the fairways are hard, when sand traps are really bunkers, and when greens are not soft enough so you can spin the ball enough to get it to hold. British golf requires imagination and skill at a different level. And to think that in our two years in England I didn’t even play once.
Highlights so far: I’m so happy that David Duvall is playing well again, and it is nice to that 56-year old Tom Watson hanging around with the young guys. (And what to say about Tiger?)
The White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen, will be the Latin Billy Martin. He doesn’t care what others think, he’s firey as all get out, and he’ll produce winners — and maybe even get in a few fights along the way. Wouldn’t it be fun for him to become the manager of the Yankees?
One more week and I’ll have Mary off the desk and I can go golfing for the first time this year.

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