Jesus Creed

Today I’ll post some pictures of our time in California. On Thursday morning we got up and headed up to Lake Arrowhead. Didn’t read the map quite right, got off on some traffic-laden street, went beyond the mountain road to the city but found our way back, and by the time we had been out of the hotel two hours we found our way into that nice resort.
Kris at Arrowhead
Here’s one for the Scots among us: above Lake Arrowhead is a high school in a community called Rim of the World, and their nickname/mascot is the “Scots.” Attaway!
Rim Scots
Looking back from the Rim of the World high school and down into the valley heading over to LA was smog. We’d not seen it before. I wonder if the folks in LA have trouble breathing in this stuff.
Looking the other way from Rim of the World high school we could see the smoke from a forest fire over near Big Bear Lake. Gave us a melancholy feeling.
In San Diego we crossed the big bridge over to Coronado and walked that beautiful beach. But, we had to touch and feel the extravagance of the “Del” (Hotel del Coronado). There was a nice black and white glossy of Pat Boone in his younger days with his girls.
The Del

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