Jesus Creed

I’m not sure what you think of apologetics, but I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion that apologetics bolsters the faith of those who already believe. I think it sometimes impacts those who don’t believe, and we’d be foolish to create false dichotomies here. In the last decade or so more and more of us are persuaded that the best, but not only, apologetic is not a rational defense that God exists or that the resurrection happened but the life of Christ lived out by a community of authentic followers of Jesus. Life, so it is believed, persuades the best.
On top of this, I think most of us would agree with CS Lewis who, according to Frederick Buechner, thought nothing looked so threadbare as a Christian doctrine after it had been thoroughly defended. Lewis, as we all know, was himself an apologist. Hence, these words of Buechner from Beyond Words:

The other danger is that apologists put so much effort into what they do that they may end up not so much defending the faith because they believe it is true as believing the faith is true because they have worked so hard and long to defend it.

Proving something to be rational is not a proof that God’s grace transforms us, but it might make those in need of that grace turn their hearts in that direction.

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