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It is sometimes that the simple-minded reduce the world to two groups — those who care and those who are apathetic, those who love and those who are selfish, etc. The rabbis often reduced the world to three elements: Torah, […]

Our son, Lukas, is a scout for the Chicago Cubs, and he was here this weekend to watch the Beloit Snappers. He went to games Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. His task is to watch baseball games: it’s hard […]

How do we read the Bible? In Michael Horton’s eyes, we read it “covenantally” for it alone ties us to the God who is covenanted within three persons and whose hyper-relationality extends to creation. This is one big idea in […]

The title of my post could get some of you riled up, and maybe you need to be. For Paul teaches both at Romans 4:25 and here in Romans 5:9-11 that justification — that act whereby God makes us right […]

In a recent Books & Culture, Thomas Albert Howard weighs in on how evangelical colleges might prepare themselves for the likelihood that one or more of their (somtimes quite treasured) professors might convert to another of the Great Traditions of […]

At some point in many of our conversations someone steps up to the plate and says “that’s not, or that is, how to read the Bible.” For years I have thought one of the most important sorts of books to […]

God is not like us — and we tend to forget it. We tend to measure things by fairness and what another person deserves or has earned. We, for instance, can understand why (even if very rare) someone would sacrifice […]

Almighty God, You have built your Church upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone: Grant that all of us may be joined together in unity of spirit by their teaching, that we […]

A young pastor’s rant before another Christian is followed by an open and frank and exemplary confession: Purple Pastor, thanks. For those who use a lectionary at all, this site by Bruce Sweet is worth looking at. It provides social […]

Some of you followed my steep, but bumptious, learning curve in learning how to use my cell phone. Laura taught us how to do the automatic dial, so now I just hold down #2 and it calls Kris. I get […]