Jesus Creed

While Kris and I were in Italy, Alise Barrymore, the former campus minister at North Park and who is starting up a new community church with James King, wrote and asked us to come down to speak about The DaVinci Code. So, we are really excited about joining The Emmaus Community next Sunday. It’s at 925 McArthur Drive in Chicago Heights, what we up here call the South Side of Chicago. Here’s a bit from their website:
Integrity- We strive to be transparent and honest, trustworthy and fair.
Relationships- We encourage the initiation of interpersonal connections and execution of corporate interactions that lovingly embrace all of humanity without judgment.
Collaboration- We honor and celebrate people’s gifts, talents and abilities and look for ways to maximize these talents in the realization of personal goals and our collective vision.
Grace- We forgive easily and seek to be reconciled and all of our relationships.
Growth- We anticipate and expect the development and expansion of new ideas and programs.
Fun- We strive to enjoy life to the fullest, keeping in balanced perspective the tough times and the highlights.
Creativity- We seek out new ways to do old things.
Simplicity- We create easy to access structures and establish easy access to leadership.

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