Jesus Creed

As I said yesterday, Luke was home some this weekend while he was scouting a minor league team. He was with us during the day and at the games in the evening. At home he visited his favorite places. Here’s a pic from our screened porch.
He had lunch at three places: El Famous Burrito, Chipotle and the incomparable Burt’s Deli. El Famous has a burrito about the size of a foot-long, six inch pipe. Burt’s has the finest pastrami known to humankind. My doctor told me not to eat such things, but it was nice to catch a little of its fragrance.
Sunday evening, after his afternoon game, he insisted (without any resistance on my part) that we get some custard at Culver’s, after which he asked us to drive around so he could see familiar places from his childhood. “Drive by Highland” was one request — to see his middle school.
Webster, our little Bichon, really enjoyed having Luke home.
We will be “dogsitting” in two weeks (he and Annika will be scouting games in Florida), and we’ll be getting specific instructions on how to deal with a Cairn Terrier and a Labradoodle. Slater and Meriam. Each has a unique personality.
They sleep enough to leave me alone for my writing.

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