Jesus Creed

Some of you followed my steep, but bumptious, learning curve in learning how to use my cell phone. Laura taught us how to do the automatic dial, so now I just hold down #2 and it calls Kris. I get the kids by holding down either #3 or #4 and see which one I’m calling. If it’s the wrong one, I try the other number. Always works.
I learned how to take pictures, and took it downstairs to the computer to add it to my blog, but then didn’t know how to get it from the camera to the computer — must be a cord we don’t have.
But my major problem is that I forget to put the thing in my pocket. When I remember Kris gives me a gentle congratulations. Something like: “Scot, did you bring your cell phone?” Scot: “Yes, I did.” Kris: “Well, good for you.” It’s a psychologist’s way of reminding me that I’m not really catching on.
And the other thing is that I nearly always forget what my number is when someone asks.

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