Jesus Creed

We leave today (Thursday) for a trip to Italy. Webster, our 13-year old, deaf but very cheery and happy Bichon, was scheduled for the Bichon Bed and Breakfast in our community. Kris, in her desire to make sure he was taken care of, gave him some of our dinner (tilapia bathed in a roasted garlic marinara sauce, with veggies). Marilee, who runs the Bichon B&B, observed his red stains on his right ear and simply observed, “Maybe next time you’ll not want to feed spaghetti sauce to a white dog.” Kris said our bad habit of feeding him table scraps is now public knowledge. We always hope he’ll be assertive enough to get enough food and quiet space at his B&B, but they are idle worries. He always come back fat and happy as always. His fear of thunder will be an issue, but deafness does give him some relief — ignorance, so they say, is bliss.
Kris and I are excited to return to Italy. She was so excited Wednesday when she got up she decided to get an Egg McMuffin at MacDonald’s on her way to work! Didn’t quite know how to interpret that. It is as rare as my getting up and going for a 10-mile run before I check my blog. We might get so excited in Italy that one day we’ll get two gelatos!

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