Jesus Creed

Jonathan Wilson’s For God So Loved the World: A Christology of Disciples came across my desk recently because it has a nice section on atonement theories, arguing as many of us are arguing today, that atonement is a multi-splendored work of God. Well, what I thought I was getting — a nice study of atonement — was actually much more than that.
Wilson, who will be assuming the post left vacant when Stan Grenz suddenly and tragically died, offers a readable survey of Christology. And he does so by capturing an older set of Reformed categories (Christ as priest, savior and king) into the larger Story approach to theology. So, in good fashion, Wilson begins with the message of Jesus about the kingdom and the messiah, and then goes to the work of Christ as victor, sacrifice, and example, and then shows that “christology” is also praxis: how to practice kingdom in the power of the resurrection in a world that rejects that kingdom by dwelling in a church that lives out that kingdom power for today.
I really do think many should look at this book for church small groups (serious groups) and for college textbooks on christology. Jon writes like a teacher — he knows where he is going, he keeps us in line with that intent, and he offers excellent summaries.

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