Jesus Creed

Here is a reality so profoundly deep to adoptive parents that we can hardly take it in. Thanks to Dawn Husnick.
A time most of us simply cannot even imagine.
Save fuel money; eat beans. Marko, this one’s for you and your small group!
Fr. Rob rivals Steve McCoy with pictures: talk about some cool pictures.
Kris is keen on replacing the curtains to the front window, which is a big one, and she really does want to know what I think of her ideas, and the problem is this: I have no maps in my brain for knowing anything about such things. I’m determined to say nothing but encouraging words to her ideas.
I have to mention these reviews of Praying with the Church for one reason: it expresses what I hoped for — evangelicals in search of a short, readable guide to prayer books. Thanks to Drew Moser and to Matt Wiebe.
1. I spent Monday evening and Tuesday until about 1pm with a clutch of youth pastors in Estes Park, and come home to find this incredible story about a junior high boy on Marko’s blog.
2. Now that I’ve become a bit more sensitive to junior high ministries, I have to brag like a madman about how great it is that Don Johnson, at Montecito Covenant, devotes time every year to teaching junior highers. Did you see this Marko?
3. Greg Newton has wandered and wondered his way right into the missio Dei view. Good for him.
4. I’ve posted a couple of times about women and ministry, but I got it wrong and Andrew Jones (TSK) gets it right!!!!!
5. Michael Kruse is a serious blogger, and this series (not done yet) on theology and economics, whatever your view, is worth storing at a place for serious reading.
6. Well, I’m wondering about what those in the PacNW are thinking about the prediction.
7. When I see studies like this I have ambivalent feelings — glad that marriage is recognized, saddened that it comes off so rough for happy single folk. I’m inclined to think that it has to do with deep, meaningful relationships. I’d like to know the age of the average nun and monk, because many of them I run into seem like they are 90 and spry.
We didn’t know when the interview I gave would appear on CBS TV, but here’s the link. Kris said, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.”

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