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This has been a heavy week for this blog, with more than the norm for comments, and I’m grateful to the many of you who contribute to this blog by encouraging remarks and by your comments. I’m proud of this blog and of those who carry forward our conversations. Now, the good news: school ends next week and I’ll have more time for reading blogs and commenting elsewhere.
Emergent’s Summer Institute: June 5-9. A collection of excellent speakers and topics.
Who hires day laborers? Homeowners or contractors? The answer might surprise you.
Great quote: PurplePastor.
If you’ve never visited Purgatorio, it’s time. The guy’s got a sense of humor that won’t stop.
Karen’s book is now in paperback. Buy it and read it; a wonderful story to tell.
1. Brad Bergfalk on how marriage and the ministry are alike. I’m waiting to hear the analogies spelled out! 🙂
2. Mike Bird takes a stand against the Together for the Gospel conference because it asked some women to surrender their registrations to males because there was a complementarian core to the group. Well, I’ll avoid comments lest I lose my sanctification in front of Calvinists. Andy Rowell has posted on Out of Ur. So does JollyBlogger.
3. Which is most important? Being right or relationship? Check in with Ted Gossard’s words.
4. Do you dub worship?
5. My weekly recommendation of Jim Martin: If Jesus had a church.
6. Great FAQ sheet for The DaVinci Code by Mark Roberts.
7. Bob Robinson on Christian America. This is the official post that shows Bob is really back in form.
8. Pretty good one, Justin. JT, do you think Owen would have blogged?
9. Students helping the homeless. See the article here and some response here.
10. I’d like this as a cover on a book, but I haven’t written anything where it would fit. McCoy’s Photos.
It is May and the Cubs have already begun their June swoon. Looks like another long one, folks. What makes it tough is the insufferable White Sox fans (and Kerry Doyal bustin’ my chops.)

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