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We’ve found another “favorite place” in Italy, but this just might be the best of the favorite places. It is called Bellagio, it is on the northern tip of a mountainous region and penetrates right into the middle of Lake Como (Lago di Como). From here we can see the Swiss Alps, some of which are snow-capped, and we can see a gorgeous lake.
We got to Milan 3 hours late after a lengthy, unclarified delay at O’Hare. Perhaps the most interesting feature of flying on Alitalia was not just that we had seats that didn’t lean back (row 41, seats H and K), was that we were surrounded by scads of little kids who must have been on their first flight for everything was a source of excitement. The two little scoundrels behind us were learning to cuss, and they had just about every word I’ve heard figured out and some of them mastered. Somehow Kris managed to sleep — I got the reading work I planned for both here and back almost done.
We got our car, headed down to Milan so we could then drive up to Bellagio — but got stuck trying to find our north exit and spent about 45 minutes driving around Milan figuring out how to get north. We got here, but only after meeting up with the most demonstrative Italian fella who thought by talking slowly and loudly in Italian that we’d figure out what he meant, which we never did. But, we did figure out to keep going straight and straight we did — and got up here to a beautiful place.
I could go on and on about our dinner on the Lake, but this is already getting too much. We’re having a riot.

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