Jesus Creed

Squirrelers, whether they are rednecks or not, are those of us who gather things and store them up for future use, even if they never use them. Are you are squirreler? You might be a squirreler if you…
[This is not making fun of any of us specifically, and certainly not OCD sufferers, but of all of us in general. Let’s hear from you on how you see “others” squirreling things away. One liners like these below.]
You might be a squirreler if…
At your neighborhood barbecue you provide enough ketchup for everyone from MacDonalds’s little packets.
Take the extra soaps at the hotel room and store them in your own home for future guests.
Have more than a month’s supply of napkins in your glove compartment.
Discover that your host gave you a cup of coffee brewed from a disposable from hotel extras.
Get into the exit lane more than one mile in advance of the exit.
If you discover someone picking something “valuable” from your trash that you know you had picked as “valuable” from someone else’s trash.
If you have more than 25 Bic pens in your desk drawer.
If you have more than one year of National Geographic stacked in a corner.

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