Jesus Creed

Thursday afternoon Kris and I drove through the obnoxious traffic of the south side of Chicago over to South Bend, where I was scheduled for a TV interview at LeSea for their Harvest Show. We got in about 7pm and proceeded to check in and then headed for Notre Dame to take our daily walk.
We like the “quad” at Notre Dame, so we walked up to it and then decided to walk around. About half way through our walk we happened upon a group of students singing intensely from a little book called More Lord, so we paused at a bench to watch them. They were under a tent, had a few guitars, and maybe 35 people or so. They sang one or two songs we recognized. We really enjoyed the time of worship. Between each song someone either went to the front for a word or two of exhortation (we couldn’t hear), or the entire group would pray spontaneously aloud — reminding me of my grandma’s charismatic church. So, I figured we had on our hands a group of charismatic students at Notre Dame. Anyone know anything about this group?
We had the advantage of distance, so we got to see the response of students who were walking by (as we were). Most watched and ignored; a few chuckled some; one or two joined in.
Then we walked (north) to the Basilica and went through the church.

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