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After reading the comments over the last few days about women and ministry, I’m now thinking this topic is impossible to carry on through a blog. Others can choose to blog about this.

Thursday afternoon Kris and I drove through the obnoxious traffic of the south side of Chicago over to South Bend, where I was scheduled for a TV interview at LeSea for their Harvest Show. We got in about 7pm and […]

Bob’s back home again. I’ll stop raving about Jim Martin’s blog when he grows stale; no sign of that happening yet. Wise stuff, and a great post on a night he’d like to forget (except who cares about the Cowboys?).

The second chapter of Mark Biddle’s book, Missing the Mark, discusses sin from a very important angle: sin as the desire to be more than human. He’s not keen on making this simply hubris or pride or arrogance, but the […]

For years Kris and I have walked every night around the lake in the middle of Libertyville. On weekends we walk at a forest preserve; during bad weather we walk at the local mall. But, we’ve made a sport of […]

Seems I’ve heard from students a lot lately, and there is only one question: What do you think of The DaVinci Code. In the last ten days I’ve gotten about six or seven phone calls about this, and this is […]

I had lunch Wednesday with a former student from TEDS and now a thriving pastor in Ann Arbor, Ken White. Ken was one of those students who had the gifts to be either a pastor or a professor, and I’m […]

Mark Biddle’s book Missing the Mark, with a striking piece of art work on its cover, is the newest and one of the finer books on how the Bible describes sin. Should you ask, my favorite book on sin (if […]

A student of mine, sitting near me in a lobby between classes, began chatting with her friend about choosing a church in the area. A comment of hers interests me. She said she had gone to a local church, but […]

The problem for atonement theory is the problem it resolves. In other words, atonement theory is designed to “fix” the problem, and we often describe the problem as sin. But, what is sin? And with it comes the trailer: What […]