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I’m in Philadelphia tonight and tomorrow speaking with various folks about seminary and church education in a missional and emerging context. Tonight I had dinner with my friend, and former colleage at TEDS, David Dunbar. He’s now President at Biblical […]

I am in Philadelphia today at Biblical Theological Seminary, and we will be discussing the future of the seminary; I will begin one of my sessions with them with the following…. Which emerging leader do you think said these things […]

One of the most pressing issues about “sin” for theologians is the issue of intention. Does it count for a sin only when we intend something to be harmful? According to Biddle, in his Missing the Mark, we make a […]

We replaced our back porch carpeting a couple weeks back. ( “We” is a very generous use of “we.”) There’s a couple of stories in our carpets.

Cookies. I’m trying to figure out what’s next on my list but am having a hard time figuring what is next — ah, yes, the adjournment motion and the second and vote. Perhaps the best way of saying this is […]

Biddle’s fourth chapter in Missing the Mark is concerned with what lies underneath the previous two themes of the problem of sin: the desire to strive to be more than we are (pride) and the fear to become what we […]

Missing the Mark, chp. 3, by Mark Biddle. I began wondering where Biddle might lead us when he titles this chapter “Sin: Failure to Embrace Authentic Freedom,” but by the time he was done I thought it was a profound […]

Squirrelers, whether they are rednecks or not, are those of us who gather things and store them up for future use, even if they never use them. Are you are squirreler? You might be a squirreler if you…

Praying with the Church is designed to provide a biblical basis for supplementing personal, spontaneous prayers by learning to use set prayers and to use them at set times. I call these prayers “sacred rhythms” of prayer. The book then […]

At Willow last night Mike Breaux presented the talk. He called it “From Walker to Walker” and traced the life of humans — who begin in walkers and end up (often enough) in walkers. It was a spirited and sensitive […]