Jesus Creed

Because of chest pain and a very high blood pressure reading on Friday morning, Bob went to the emergency room at Mercy Medical in Canton. From there he was life-flighted to the Cleveland Clinic, where doctors determined that there was no immediate emergency and focused on reducing his blood pressure. However, they also found that another section of Bob’s aortic artery was enlarged, probably as a result of the leaking valve in his heart that also contributed to his first aneurysm. We have known that having valve replacement surgery would probably be necessary at some point; but hopes had been that this additional surgery could be delayed until Bob fully recovered from the first surgery.
Today (Monday) the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic will perform a heart catheterization to take a closer look at the leaking valve. With that information, they will decide whether to go ahead with surgery this week or delay it.
Please keep Bob, his wife, Linda, and their three children (Trey, Joel, and Kaira) in your prayers!
Herb Kolbe
Senior Area Director, CCO

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