Jesus Creed

A student of mine asked me to lunch the other day because he wanted to tell me his story and what is going on in his life because of studying about Jesus. I cannot tell his story in detail here so he will be protected. We drove to a place for a late lunch. His entire family is [other world faith], he and a sibling have attended NPU, and he will eventually to return to his Far East country to resume working for his father. But, here is what he wanted me to know:
His words: “I’m now a follower of Jesus. But, I want you to know this: I’m not a Christian. If I become a Christian everyone will disown me.”
Question from me: “What will the impact of following Jesus be on your business life?”
His words: [no kidding] “Much in every way. [I’m sure he didn’t know he was quoting Paul.] I will be forgiving and honest. I will not be a businessman to make more money. Life is more than money. I will use my work to serve God and to serve others. I can no longer look at a job as just about money.”
His English was impeccable, and his confession was clear: there is more of this going on than most of us know. Underground emerging followers of Jesus. You should hear my colleague, Boaz Johnson, talk about this sort of thing in other parts of the world. Brian McLaren, in his new book, The Secret Message of Jesus, calls this “purposeful inclusion.” Jesus says it like this: “He who is not against us is for us.”

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