Jesus Creed

Dave Miller writes and sings a song about Justin Delp, who had a degenerative disease that took Justin’s life as pre-teen. Justin and Jesus were alike. This song is worth the price of admission; it is called “Just Longing.”
“He never knew the thrill of running, never knew the joy of jumping;
momma never gave up hoping that the Lord would somehow move and heal him.
And round and round the wheels on his chair marked his time down here,
Till he went away…”
“Now he’s the one living and we’re the ones dying,
he’s the one laughing and we’re the ones hoping,
he’s the one seeing and we’re the ones straining…. the ones just longing.”
Now to Jesus:
“She [Mary] had a boy that was different, not like his brothers;
she caught him teaching in the Temple, not playing with the others;
… he climbed the hill,
he’s the one dying so we could be living…
for the kingdom that is coming.
“Justin found his healing, mom can’t wait to see him there,
running to the edge of heaven, dancing in the air;
Jesus waits right there beside him on a distant shore,
he’s the one that’s reigning, I’m the one worth dying for.”

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