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Donald Miller tells us, and I saw it in his new book To Own a Dragon, that he writes his books in coffee shops. But I want to talk about Dave Miller‘s new CD, for in it he’s got a song he’s written about drinking coffee: “Coffee” the song is called. I’m thinking Donald Miller might like the song. Anyway, I sure do. Makes me feel the way I feel when drinking coffee with a friend.
Dave Miller, a worship leader I met in Kentucky, has taken an ordinary experience and made it meaningful, or better yet, he brings to light how many of us feel about our coffee-drinking times with friends. The song’s got a catchy rhythm and tune; if I were a coffee producer I’d make “Coffee” background for some commercial.
“It’s one of my favorite places I could be, sitting with my hands around a cup of ground beans, a cup of holy beans.”
Coffee time is sometimes confession, sometimes intensification of relationship: “cause the one I see looking back at me sees through my act of humanity, the truth is here and it sets us free, we’re reminded of why we need each other.”
Dave says he doesn’t want anything fancy at the coffee shop, “just a straight ahead cup of conversationing” but “make mine a venti, I’m a talker and my friend is waiting.”
“It’s one of my favorite places I could be,
sitting with my hands around a cup of ground up beans…
holy water for a tired soul, it’s plain to see, this is where I’m made to go…”
“Words like these ought to cost by the hour,
it’s like a personal shrink, my very own priest without a collar.”
I’ll do two more posts about this CD, for he’s got some interesting things connecting Jesus’ work with our work, and a marvelous song winding together a handicapped person’s life with Jesus’ life.
The lyrics in his CD case don’t have upper case letters, but I’ll give him the benefit of doubt: he’s trying to be artistic. I’ve added them, and he can give me the benefit of the doubt: I’m a “per-fessor.”

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