Jesus Creed

First, keep the battery charged. I got to the airport last Friday, our flight was delayed for a good long while, and so I called the pastor of the church we were going to (Eastpoint Community Church), and realized it was my last call of the day: the battery went out on me. Now what surprised me was that I hadn’t even made a call, though I did occasionally flip it open to see if anyone called — and they hadn’t. Somehow the battery wore down, and Kris thought it might have had to work extra to stay in touch with a cell while we were in the airport.
Second, you have to get used to the “ring.” I dropped Kris off at the grocery store and I went to pick up our dog, Webster. I turned on the radio and was coming home when I didn’t like the song, since it had some background sounds coming through, and then I switched it to another channel, only to discover that it, too, had the same background music. Well, as it turned out, that background music was my phone and I didn’t know it. There it was, my first real phone call and I thought it was background music to the radio!
And I was sitting in Ginny Olson’s office chatting when the little phone started to vibrate, which jolted me for a minute, but by the time I got the flipper open the caller (Kris) had hung up. And then I got another call, flipped the flipper open, and pressed the little green button, which must have turned the call off. So, I’ve got a ways to go just answering the little bugger.
Third, my son called me while were in flight so I would have a message when I flicked open my phone, which I forgot to do on the plane — which would have made me look like a cell-phone veteran — but I did do on our way home. Sure enough, it made a funny sound and I went through all the steps necessary to retrieve my one and only Voice mail message.
That’s progress.
My fear: that I’ll drop the thing in the toilet when multi-tasking, which I did do to one phone. Details omitted; imagination clear.

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