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Bob’s back home again.
I’ll stop raving about Jim Martin’s blog when he grows stale; no sign of that happening yet. Wise stuff, and a great post on a night he’d like to forget (except who cares about the Cowboys?).
John Frye’s got the makings of a great series.
Maybe one of the more thoughtful posts about how our faith and the business world, even justice system, intersect can be found at T.N. Freeman II’s blogsite.
Do movies connected to Christianity help the Church’s evangelism? According to Barna, no. Skye Jethani posts at Out of Ur on this, and the comments provide a nice thread through an issue. And recent news reports are asking if Hollywood is now trying to get the Christians out to movies.
The answer to this question is “Not quite yet.”
Biggest flops in the NFL Draft.
What is emergent? YSMarko has a nice post on this.
1. I’ve told students for years the real “pastoral” epistle of Paul’s letters can be found in the heart of 2 Corinthians. Why? Because Paul divulges his heart. So does Jamie Arpin-Ricci in this post.
2. Some Australian officials for cheerleaders have told the Australians to cover up the midriff. Now I’d like them to add a codicil that insists that young men be banned from showing off the tops of their gross boxers.
3. Is John Frye a Lumberlogian and a Theolojack?
4. Very good post by Brad Bergfalk about the importance of preaching on Easter Sunday. And I’ve heard Brad preach, and he’s got the gift.
5. Anthony Smith is starting a good series on McLaren’s new book. I’ll take a crack at it myself.
6. I’ve not seen this before, but Br. Maynard’s got a great idea for parents to use with their kids.
7. Fr. Rob Merola on a good Easter Sunday (and a long one).
8. Online sources for The DaVinci Code by Stephen Shields. Very good source.
9. Cars and Gas Mileage: Good report.
10. Ted Gossard, at Jesus Community, has a nice reminder about intergenerational gatherings.
I agree.
Barry Bonds: we watched the ESPN game last Sunday evening between LA Dodgers and SF Giants, and were swamped with Joe Morgan’s fawning over Barry Bonds. Tell us about the game, Joe.

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