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Laura, our daughter, turns 29 today (I had to ask Kris how old Laura was — but that’s another story). She was our first child. I was in seminary (taking Murray Harris’ Advanced Exegesis class and writing a midterm that […]

I read the volume, well not each and every page, edited by Mark Husbands and Daniel J. Treier, both at Wheaton, called Justification: What’s at Stake in the Debates? — don’t you just love artistic titles? Well, scholarly books rarely […]

Peter is explaining to his powerless readers, who are resident aliens and temporary residents, how to live as Christians within the Roman Empire. The principle that shapes his thinking is found in 2:11-12, and that principle is to avoid sin […]

Some of you may know that I played a little basketball in my day. Well, my brothers-in-law were stars. Ron Norman, the oldest, played at Iowa with Sammy Williams and Freddy Brown, and his coach was the legendary Ralph Miller. […]

In the third section of Alan Mann’s book, Atonement for a ‘Sinless’ Society, Mann deals with the Passion narrative of the Gospels as a narrative that invites the postmodern self into the text in order to find ontological coherence through […]

My friend and fellow blogger, Pastor Steve McCoy, ever mindful of the image of the Southern Baptists, is now watching out for my image. In an effort to improve my standing in an increasingly youthful development in our Biblical and […]

Sometimes the way to follow Jesus is to go to the cross with him. Peter thought this was the only option for the household slaves — he appealed to them to look to God for grace, to look to God […]

In Alan Mann’s Atonement for a ‘Sinless’ Society, which drew plenty of healthy comment yesterday, there is a big-time emphasis on narrative or story. Whether we talk like this or even think like this or not, “story” or “narrative” gives […]

Hi! It’s nice to be the bearer of GOOD news!! If all remains as is, Bob will be coming home this Friday!! [This is a note from Wendy.]

The closest thing I’ve seen to an emerging theory of the atonement is that of Alan Mann, in his book Atonement for a ‘Sinless’ Society: Engaging with an emerging culture, in the new Paternoster series called Faith in an Emerging […]