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Yippee! It’s Saturday March 25 and Bob is home (sleeping cozily, I might add). I spoke to him, and it was nice to hear him joking and talking. He came home a full 7 weeks after he went in so unexpectedly. We know that God spared his life and we give God glory for bringing him through to this point!
He is tired and still easily nauseated and unexpectedly dizzy, so he will not be left alone yet. He is sleeping better than he was in the hospital, but did not sleep too well last night.
Tomorrow Bob visits an ENT to investigate what seems to be partial hearing loss. His hearing is fairly muffled and they will see if the problem is easily fixed (removal of possible wax) or whether he may have temporary or permanent hearing loss from the trauma he endured.
He will have physical therapy 2 -3 times a week, along with some at home with Linda and the kids!
Please continue to pray for
* the adjustment to home life (he was anxious and excited to sleep in his own bed!)
* for endurance and wisdom for all of them for the days ahead
* for wisdom for doctors in his recovery and side effects
* for discernment for Linda in next steps for his care and how much to encourage therapy vs. rest.
* that the kids adjust to the situation and are able to adapt to Bob’s needs.
Your prayers have made a difference. Thank you for your generosity in SO many ways — visiting Bob in the hospital, praying and asking others to pray, dropping off so many meals — (some of you more than once!), watching the kids, chauffeuring Linda and the kids, helping with things that needed to be done and being caring friends in this body of Christ. God has shown me how quickly connected and effective we can be when we use our gifts in obedience to Him and in love for others. Thank you!
Linda Leon

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