Jesus Creed

Today is Thursday, March 2 and I am happy to report great news! Bob was breathing on his own today for several hours!! The trach is still in, but they can cover it to let him breathe himself. He was doing well, Linda said, just tired from all that activity! They are weaning him off his medication (he’s almost completely off the sedation), so he is awake much more and communicating with Linda and the nurses by mouthing words and writing a bit. Linda thinks if she gets him his computer he would be “blogging all day long.” The doctors are hoping to insert the stomach tube tomorrow, so he will no longer be fed through the nose tube going down his throat.
Hopefully, if all goes well, he will be well enough for Trey, Joel and Kaira to visit. Please pray that the Lord continues to shelter them. There is a possibility if all continues to improve, that Bob can move into rehab next week for occupational and physical therapy to aid his recovery. Thank God for this turn of events and please pray for Bob’s continual healing. God is faithful and he is El Roi — “the God who sees” the suffering and sorrow and needs of his people.
Comment by Matt Robinson

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